Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Strange situation of prostitution

Kesher talk has a recent post on prostitution in Israel. There are moral = religious issues in prostitution but also 'I and Thou,' as in other sexual relations, and business or contract aspects. I don't see why the pimps make the bigger share? Why isn't there an effective competition that lowers their share? At an extreme, why doesn't the prostitute stop a cop and turn 'states evidence' and bargain for witness protection and a new identity.


Nathalie Klein said...

Women trafficking is a social symptom which I am very aware and ashamed of as an Israeli citizen. It reminds me of the subject of "The ego of the infant is said to believe it has two mothers, one capable of absolute protection, the other wishing it to be absolutely destroyed."

In this case the Israeli society is the destructive mother to the side of a moral and over-protective mother who feeds her children with love and tenderness.

In Israel we are a good example of the struggle between evil and good, matter and spirit: we claim holyness and purity but all gets screwed up and we end up at the top of the evil chart. Maybe we are bipolar and you should put all of us on lithium doctor.

Trish said...

That is brilliant. They could turn states evidence, get witness protection. Not get arrested and get a new life. I'm serious, that would be effective.

M. Simon said...

Pimps are a direct result of criminalizing prostitution.


A witness protection program would be expensive. It wouldn't change human nature.

M. Simon said...


Lithium is a very dangerous drug. The difference between a therapeutic dose and a dangerous dose is small. Pot seems to work well for some and has no effective lethal dose for humans.

BTW your psychological theories are interesting. Not useful.


The only way to eliminate human trafficing is to legalize and properly police the business.

Black market businesses are very hard to police.

This petition is a feel good attempt to avoid dealing with human nature.

The women who go into prostitution are mostly abused children.

I'd sign a petition about child abuse.

This is just an attempt to sweep the real problem under the rug. For which I applaud all those involved.

M. Simon said...

BTW I am speaking strictly about the sex business re: trafficing.

Slavery of different sorts needs to be strictly opposed.

M. Simon said...

Ah, I get it. An Amnesty International program.

The mafias running this trade depend on its illegality for their profits. The law is their ally not their enemy. Which makes Amnesty an ally of the criminals. Pretty neat trick, eh?

Same for the trade in illegal drugs.

You make a black market, you get criminals running the business.

There is no cure in law for the sex trade. Just as there is no cure in law for stupidity.

Intolerance of vice always leads to profits for criminals. Morality strictly enforced is the criminal's best ally.

So why do so many want to support criminal? It makes them feel morally superior. Lovely.