Monday, November 06, 2006

Got Catholicism

The Church is really into the alpha and omega of life and sexual identification, e.g. the Virgin Birth, 'Blessed Mary ever virgin,' the priests being celibate like the Vestal Virgins of antiquity. S. Freud in Totem and Taboo said that religion, and he was originally raised by a Catholic nanny, was a recreation of a primal banding of the brothers against the father to kill him and have sex with.. Christ would pay for this sin against the primal Father in this supposition. Even the reaction of some raised Catholic women, e.g. The Liberal Chicks, to prioritize their votes over abortion rights might be seen as a rebellion against a Catholic imperative. It might be viewed as a fertility cult with everybody having their role to give us an eternal spring of 'good Catholics.' Jewish women are enjoined to have sexual relations with their spouse on the Sabbath, a view more toward the pleasures of sexuality perhaps. Pope Benedict views the eastern Rite Church as carrying forward original Catholicism. Priestly celibacy used to be a clear inspiration to bear the frustrations of child rearing by accepting a pain or penalty related to sexuality. That is not so obviously understood in the modern age and I think the Pope would change the rule to that of the Eastern Rite and will have priests allowed to marry.


Trish said...

Why is Judith blaming the liberals for her sex life?!!

We can't be to blame for everything. :)

michael said...

I hope we can get some 'equal time' on the 'can't be blamed for everything' idea. I did put links in though; you might spit her out for me.