Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ron Rosenbaum mentioned a while back about being in the hospital. I thought something had happened to him since his Pajamas Media link, see side bar which has linked to a Tea Party post, hadn't changed in months. I was happy to see him referred to and found him with an article on agnosticism on Slate. He can go so far as to sound like a crank, that last PJ media post, or carefully philosophical and nuanced, the Slate post. I guess it was also the former persona in the last PJ post that had me worried. Speaking of the Tea Party issue, that Mark Williams who counterpunched the NAACP was pretty good; see Ann Althouse and the Coates blog in the Atlantic. You really wonder if, in Ron's phrase, the NAACP has jumped the shark when Farrakhan follows them asking for reparations from the Jews.

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