Friday, October 12, 2012

Vatican II, the 50th anniversary

Fr. Farkasfalvy was in Rome when John XXIII said he wanted to have a Vatican Council. The reaction of the Curia was, he says 'Why do you want to do that? With the doctrine of infallibility you can do anything you want.' Ahh, but that's just part of the point. When the Pope was elected, he told his intimates, 'You won't find me saying anything infallible.' I think that is also a key to the criticism of Vatican II. Those who prefer a hidebound dictatorial Church, anhedonic but superior in attitude will identify with seeing a font of degeneration for the Church, put snarkily. Fr. Roch quoted Jacques Maritain in saying that the Church opposed error but that people had to freely seek for truth. I recall a book by him on my parents small personal book case.

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