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Ghostbuster notes, "I sold a lot of the bonds that were used to finance the DFW airport back in the 70s. I was surprised to learn at the time that most of the land the airport was built upon was purchased from Lyndon Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson. Guess they were just exceptional real estate investors, ya think." Apparently this was Johnson's MO for laundering political payoffs. I was told that the bridge from New Orleans across Lake Pontchatrain didn't go to the closest spot but rather to, wouldya believe, property owned by those Johnson folks.
An Atlanic blog has a discussion of free trade.

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Been enjoying The German Way of War. This comes from a recommendation from the ChicagoBoyz noted below, May 9, 2008.
My take on Bloomberg for VP. It's a unique situation; the presidential candidate of either party could win with Bloomberg. I think Obama and Clinton will make great candidates for a Democratic base. OTOH, I think it really gets too cute, sort of like it would, for the Republicans, if it were a McCain-Condi Rice ticket against Obama.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Orin Kerr of Volokh Conspiracy has a great link to an article on the limitations of George Bush. Volokh takes up the issue of Hagee and McCain; yours truly comments here.
Consistent with the report of Vogels et al., 1997, I have seen a patient's hepatic encephalopathy ameliorated by Namenda 5 mg a day. Where the patient can't take meds orally the cholinesterse inhibitor approach, supported by the experiment of Kabatnik et al., might be tried with an Exelon patch.

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Scientific articles (co)authored by the blogger

My scientific articles; obtained by going to PubMed and typing Brophy MH in the search field 'for' and clicking on 'Go.'

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you, With your fresh thougths care for, can you?

Ann Althouse reads a letter from 'Obama.' I comment with a quote of a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins and link to a professor form the national Univ. of Ireland with a great insight into the method of his poetry. As seniors at Jesuit in Dallas, we were presented with the poem Spring and Fall . It was disorienting, comprehended in part but frightening. I love it more now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Professor Zywicki cites a 'new,' different ranking of colleges than USN&WR. I recall in Science some years ago a discussion the colleges who graduated a higher number of people who won grants; it seemed like a useful perspective.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Instapundit linked to a blog asking about the value of a college education. I broke my hand in a fight, did other stupid stuff; so, although there were some intellectual value to UT Austin, a different loco parentis was probably called for. Medical school, Psychiatry residency, psychoanalysis with Clarence Parker, working for effective men at the VA and meeting the veterans yielded though a broadening education and socialization.

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Money supply growing too fast

Is the old M3 really growing at 28.7% per annum so far this year? So a Spengler commentator says says.

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An ex Guantanamo detainee blew himself up in Iraq killing civilians there. Linking my comment on Volokh.

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What Obama Might Say. There's a funny Jewish Mother joke in the comments, appropriate of what I don't know.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

An article from UT Southwestern on Zyprexa (0lanzapine) treatment of corticosteroid or prednisone induced mania.