Monday, August 22, 2011

Been kind of an exciting political week. I like Perry's opening statement and boy has he raised some controversy. I enjoyed the debate over at Volokh. Jon Huntsman looks like he needs to learn to have empathy for forces in the American electorate. I thought he might be a good candidate. Greg Mankiw has a good recorded discussion of officials with or formerly with the fed. And of course it's bye-bye Qaddafi and will Parkland still have Medicare money.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Am really enjoying Dallas Public and Private: Aspects of an American City, a book by a, then, Neiman Marcus executive, on Dallas, it's development and social psychology at the time of the Kennedy assassination. Kind of fun for me, one of the first individuals he mentions in explaining Dallas, Robert Glenn, M.D. is someone I knew. He mentions him in the context of his moving to town and leasing an apartment at a swank address, 3525 Turtle Creek, that address sign curled the numbers on itself snake or Art Deco like. About arriving there on moving to Dallas, Dr. Glenn said, 'I didn't know any better.' A quarter century later he told me buying country property which was later bought for the new DFW airport area turned out to make him some money, a good preppy boy who stumbled blindly into money it seems.