Thursday, September 13, 2012

Being in our debt really annoys some Muslims. The Libyans are in or debt for our air support allowing them to overthrew a tyrant and our ambassador is killed. You would think the population would not have participated in the plot but warned us. The U.S protected Saudi Arabia from the encroachment of Iraq, and we had 9-11 in response. A Los Altos Marine learned Arabic and stayed in the advance team to help out the Afghans and was invited to a predawn Ramadan breakfast, came and was killed there. It may be better not to do favors for Islamic nations. A related comment of mine is now on Dan Drezner's Foreign Policy blog.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Republicans and the American Culture

Ran into an interesting book: From this perspective, Gingrich supported El Norte and Perry gave evidence of finding it part of his culture but ran to his Appalachian roots under pressure. Also recently heard an author of 'Redeemers' on NPR. The book talks about Jose Marti and a Uruguayan author in part.