Friday, July 01, 2005

Good Cop Ahmadinejad, Will You Publish the NY Times?

It's hard not to feel how sympatico the Iranian government is with us Americans in our little current conflict. Who among us cannot relate to the equivalent conversations: American family, "Where do you want to go eat?" Iranian Students in Search of Martyrdom and 40 Virgins Association member, "Which embassy do you want to take over?" American answer, "I want to go to Steak 'n Shake." Iranian answer, "I want to take over the Russian embassy." After driving around for a little while, an American passssenger says, "I didn't want to go to Chili's. It costs too much;" the Iranian says, "When I become president of Iran, I cannot be responsible for the Americans being angry that I overran their embassy, mistreated the hostages and started Nightline."


FRITZ said...

After reading your comment on my site, I came to see your site. Reciprocation...

I am struck with your intelligence; I'm sure you are much brighter than myself. However, while I have to defer to your knowledge of history, I must also query why it is you believe America is at 'war' with Iraq. (Who knows what it is called now?)

You seem to smart to say: "To oust Saddam Hussein, an evil man who harbored terrorists". You are the kind of person who knows that Hussein and Al-Queda had no love lost between them. You seem to brilliant to even postulate: "But what about weapons of mass destruction?" I am sure you know that Saddam would not want that kind of beef with America after the Gulf.

So, tell me, WHY is it that Bush and his agenda made it to Iraq? On what premise? What is the goal suppossed to be? And if it is indeed 'liberation' of the Iraqi people, are we going to take Sudan on next? How about gang-ruled Hondouras? Help me see how Bush is truly standing up for the American people.

Doctorow may have an agenda, yes. I think it is an important one: bring our soldiers home. Possibly stop spending so much tax money on 'war' and start addressing the 400 billion dollar deficit. Maybe keeping civil liberties intact. These are good things to have on an agenda.

Just because an Iraqi student is angry at how their country is (once again) fodder for the West, doesn't necessarily mean he/she is going to blow up an embassy. How trite of you to suggest such a generalization.

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