Monday, October 10, 2005

Harriet Miers Revealed as a Secret?

"What do people say behind your back?" she was asked in a profile for the Dallas Morning News. 'They don't know what I'm thinking,' she said. I listened in on Dallas City Council meetings when Harriet was there. This was kind of like listening in on an Elizabethan bear baiting where the council person was the bear demuscled to human size and penalized for snarling and the 'oppressed but newly unleashed' were dong the baiting. Harriet played this masochistic game well, always the Southern lady seeming to accept, publicly and with grace, that she couldn't get the right answer just like the Elizabethan bear couldn't lay a hand on its attacker though likely the bear had more of a chance. I understand she gave way, after defense, to the bear baiters' force.

She had brothers, Robert Lee M. and Jeb Stuart M. How odd is that if these were not, and how could both be, family names? Harriet was blessed by the fact that there were no generals of the fair sex in the CSA. Her brothers probably felt, asked to think or form personalities, that that was really unnecessary, they just needed batteries to carry forward their assigned identities (see "Under My Thumb"). Harriet learned never to reveal anything like a need for a name or a real thought because that could be a means for someone to intrude on you, take you over. If she nevertheless identifies with, the now historical, Robert Lee, she identifies with defeat. Lee was always better in the defense than on offense, cf. Lee Considered. Her record on the court is likely to be analogous to that of her City Council performance, magnificent defeat from a conservative point of view. Until Yogi Berra comes forward and says that he dated her and "..." that is my estimate.

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