Friday, April 07, 2006

Conservative Republicans Declare Wrong Political War

I had to admire the clash of democratic forces and their potential resolution in the latest immigration reform bill. Conservative Republicans procedurally stopped it as a minority in the US Senate. They could have chosen a better war. 'Jane Galt' had recent blog about the 72% of AAM under 35 in this country unemployed or in prison. Our energy would've been better spent abolishing AFDC and the spurning of shame that leads eventually to unemployment and prison. Only 8% of black Americans voted for Bush. With new Hispanic allies, we could have taken that fight. But we spurned people who are hard working, productive who, yes, we have a disagreement with over not following our laws. But with 11 million illegal immigrants only dropping the estimated wage for a high school drop out 8% per Laura Ingraham, our legal structure, quota has obviously seriously underestimated how many people should be newly accommodated in this country.

Update: But see also the McCain Immigration video, scroll down a bit. Glenn Reynolds has also a good take. I wonder what the head of Cemex, a world class cement concern out of Monterrey, Mexico, which exports to the US, recently buying a firm in Britain would have to say.


Anonymous said...

The Republicans are committing political suicide by supporting the McCain-Kennedy guest-worker initiative. It has completely demoralized the base; I have never seen conservatives so angry at Republicans before in my life; and it in the long run will give the Democrats more votes. These illegal workers are not going to become Republicans no matter what Bush does.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't they going to become Republican? Laura Ingraham is from the most mocked ethnic group in Chicago but somehow she fits in.