Monday, May 01, 2006

May Day follies

The illegal immigrants are announcing their presence today. A British colleague was reminded of his medical school days when after a rugby game, he and his friends would go to any party any one of them had been invited to. Not invited they would crash one. One of them would knock on the door and, when someone came to the door, would engage or be engaged by the person answering. Meanwhile another would slip by and tap the owner of the house on the back and, when he would turn around, say, 'They're all right I know them,' and thus all would come in. In this case our guest workers are saying, 'We are this group over here who have broken into the party. You don't want your furniture smashed do you.'

It would have been a better sign of wanting to be an American if they had chosen July 4 for the demonstration rather than May Day, a day of communist power. Even the 'oppressed Vietnamese' who liberated VN proved to be quite the torturers. Che Guevera banners and all are demonstrating how glad they would be to bring their paranoid, grandiose, expropriating preferred form of government and enduring poverty to us. I was going to punish my Republican Senators for their hostility to nice illegal immigrant legislation. Not to put to fine a point on it, now I would say, "Unleash the dogs." The blacks won with some of these methods, less emphasis on their hostility. Here it won't work. We don't feel guilty for their being here. As for their not working, the Canadian land the Mcarthy's, my ancestors, moved to in 1823 wasn't missing them but was available and more productve with Irish farming techniques. Similarly here, the U.S isn't missing them. If they don't want to 'work the land,' Va a la casa in sud America.


Anonymous said...

Chirac has just appointed me to scout for a new prime minister and save the day. I hereby declare you the perfect candidate for housecleaning. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

My daughter in law speaks French to her first son. She was thrilled when she told him 'Tapps les mans, Miles,' which he did, his first clear recogntion of speech, without any hand gestures from her. So I think we can get him to clap as well with this announcement.