Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Kerry's Remarks

During the recent Lebanon war, there was a great Israeli commentary reviewing something said in the always pro-Arab Guardian, taking it apart, but, in the end offering congratulations to the clever propaganda effort for the Israelis, the Guardian's remarks subtly revealing that its position was that of a buffoon, and that the reporter would get their Israeli medal in a secret ceremony at the end of the conflict. Heh, you know John doesn't have the Medal of Freedom. Reporting for Medal (duty by the paperwork) again, ehh John!

True enough there is an event horizon staying beyond which may keep you from dying in Iraq. Plenty of smart people died in the Twin Towers, more than have died in Iraq, they can do so again; and we are doing our, perhaps we have a lot to be humble about, best to change the autocracies which most dispose this to happen again. Jesus probably would have been a lot safer had he been born in Caesar's household too. John's remarks always seem to contain that wisdom.

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