Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Betrayal in Kerbala

Per Omar, the deaths of Americans in the Kerbala attack yells 'inside job.'

It is a duplicity that asks for mental exercise in unraveling the possibilities. One scenario: Financed by Iran. Those SUVs don't come cheap, not to mention coordination. Word is given at a high level: let the pseudoAmericans through. The real Americans are planning protection of Shiites at their most invested pilgrimage. Now or in the future Shiites are to be sacrificed to create a turn to a strong man; burn the Reichstag anyone; blow up Moscow apt. buildings; murder, the earlier referred to, 'angels' at the university in Baghdad?

It reminds me of a certain C company in VN. One day it's members saw a group of soldiers with tubes for a weapon, antiaircraft apparently, in ARVN, that's our side, uniforms. Some days later B company, a company of Rangers 60-120 men, is cut down in the open by this weapon, 3 survivors. Earlier it had been the enemy in allies uniforms.

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