Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Libby Not Guilty! (perhaps)

As Tim Russert has authoritatively indicated, Americans like nice and innocently open though really Pontius Pilate seems more to be that than Russert now. We are not wearing 'Love YU Valentine's clothes' to a hanging. The jury was wearing such t-shirts today and a spokesman wished everybody a Happy Valentines Day. The shirts may have been the jurors first substantive conversation in relation to the trial. If so, NOT GUILTY on all counts. Fitz may need to keep shopping at Sears*.

*This relates to discussion of the Libby trial at Just One Minute Monday. Fitz, the prosecutor was wearing a seersucker suit, which seemed odd in the winter, and seemed somewhat crestfallen at how the Defense's case was going on its first day. One of the commenter's said it reminded him of the joke about the young man who meant to go Cox's to by a seersucker suit but, being confused, went to Sears instead. Fitz, like all of us, could change and say, in his closing argument, that he has trouble with Russert's testimony, it seems inconsistent, and Fleischer may have just said things because Fitz may have seemed to want to hear them at the time. Now he feels wrong for bringing the case but perhaps it is rather now that he is wrong and so he will leave it to the people, as represented by the jury having heard the evidence, in the U.S. Government vs. Libby

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