Sunday, June 24, 2007

So I want an Immigration Bill

Senate Bill www: Titled
Come out, come out, wherever you are

Whereas we may not know you, it is in your and our interest to know you. You do have a name. What is it? You have identifiers including numbers, perhaps a matricula but any government issued number from your government, also your vital statistics: DOB, origin, relatives. We will recognize your status as a resident alien; you owe us a $500 fee. Your status does not give you priority for citizenship. You are subject to deportation if you commit any crimes or are found by a preponderance of evidence to have engaged or conspired to engage in terrorist activities. Crimes includes not paying taxes. You may get a Social Security number. Your retirement is based on the same qualifiers as U.S. citizens, disability retirement is available only for work related injuries. Those not declaring by 1 Nov 2007 will be prioritized for deportation.

Jonathan Rauch and Becker-Posner and 'Jane Galt' have been alluding to or specifying, in various measures, a bill and Glenn Reynolds has been carping about the present one as has Darleen, in Protein Wisdom, reflecting common rants. With a proper designation for 'you' in the above, Senator Mike feels pretty much good to go with the above.

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