Sunday, February 03, 2008

Today's Gospel reading, the Sermon on the Mount, is perhaps the soul of Catholicism. At some link through Yahoo, there was the comment that the 'revolution' in Kenya started, as revolutions do, when economic fortunes are rising. The model is the French revolution. Why was that more violent, more destructive than the turmoil with Cromwell in England? There were some 223 Cistercian monasteries in France before the revolution. All were lost. Perhaps the difference is that in England Henry VIII had already revolted against the Catholic Church in the matter of sexual or marital morality. The English of Shakespeare's time were sexually liberal; so they didn't have that to rebel against. I suppose a current 'proof' of my hypothesis is how much more people are celebrating Mardi Gras or Carnival than Lent. (Extra credit for wondering what all of this has to do with Kenya).

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