Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Got Virginity?

Obama made a good psychological point that people who experience shame may relieve it by demonizing others, and 'Anglos' have gotten used to accepting this. Oddly enough, my family has a history of experiencing the anger of black people in Chicago; my grandfather Hubert was mugged for his WWI bonus money as he was passing through Chicago. The demonizing anger may be a kind of narcissistic manipulation. As an example of narcissistic manipulation, Jack Kerouac wrote of riding on a bus across America that a 'young virgin started talking to me, and I didn't talk to her for 2 hours until I had her and then I began to tell her about herself,' and she was eager to yield herself to him. In his method, he made himself unapproachable until her neediness and his grandness was accepted. This is how the 'racist' is to deal with the anger celebrated and institutionalized by Jeremiah Wright.

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