Wednesday, October 08, 2008

The End of the Campaign

It looks like we can begin to look back at the attempt of the son and grandson of Admirals to achieve the highest military rank, CIC. In a sense, I believe he will have failed because of a thing that is somewhat alien to the military mind, economics. His response to Barack's challenge that the reason for the financial crisis was 'the failed deregulatory policies of the Bush administration' might have been, as the Wall Street Journal said today, 'Name one.' One could go on in details. I do think he came up with a good answer for Treasury Secretary, Warren Buffet. To look at what might have been, had McCain chosen Lawrence Summers for his VP I think he could have received good advice as to how to discuss and address the credit crisis and other economic issues. One objection would be that Doctor Summers is not a Republican and not a suitable replacement. A moot point, but I think a positive lesson could have been taken, surprisingly enough, from the Cheney vice presidency; in Cheney's case the VP job was not to be a step to the presidency.

Update: However an economist gives a great argument for McCain.

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