Saturday, November 15, 2008

Did Republicans Vote?

Some said they weren't going to vote for McCain because he was a Republican in name only. Zywicki and commentators look at the question 'Did Republicans Vote?' I think in considering that question on an intuitive basis, one has to consider not only McCain but Obama, his opponent. My hypothesis is that the distance between McCain and his opponent was as great as one might imagine between a 'real' Republican and a standard Democratic opponent. Tom Maguire in the blog Just One Minute has innumerable posts about what we don't know about Obama; others in Pajamas Media gave evidence that Obama was in the pocket of Rezko in term an ally of an Iranian billionaire. This perception and others supported McCain as the Republican alternative. Of course, the pick of Sarah Palin reinforced this. Thus the loss of the election indicates that the present Republican party is not a majority.

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