Monday, April 27, 2009

Matthew Stafford is guaranteed $41.7, gets some $78 million if he gets through a 6 year contract. I'd say this is more than any combination Highland Park High School kids, Scots is the school nickname, ever made (in sports) but then think of Chris Young, the ophthalmologist's son and pitcher, who won a playoff game for San Diego a few years ago; so maybe I'll just have to compare him to Doak Walker whose Highland Park jersey number was retired just a few years ago. Anyway it will be interesting to see if black Motown will want to rock and roll with him. I don't know why not. Like the rest of the athletes, he probably traveled down to MLK Ave. to get somebody to walk into a liquor store there for beer. So it's not as if there wasn't something done with the community. Anyway he laughed in New York when his being the number 1 pick was booed, and social grace is the number 1 requirement in Highland Park. Maybe someone trained, whether he realizes the particulars or not, to identify with the Scots successful fight for religious independence from the rule of Charles I of England can make common cause with the descendants of those who were up from slavery and discrimination in the South. It's a good Scot's calling.

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