Saturday, December 12, 2009

Was told this week about the Peach Bellini. From instructions on how you make it:

Pour 2-3 tablespoons of peach puree in the bottom of a wine glass or tall champagne flute.

Serving glass: Tall champagne flutes

Step 2

Add several drops of raspberry puree on top of the peaches in the glass.

Step 3

Pour Italian sparkling wine into the glass until nearly full. Garnish with peach slice if desired.

Many women, my mother included, have/had several sets of service, dinnerware to include silver, some cut glass, etc. The nicest thing I thought she had were some tall glasses , frosted with a color replacing the frosting swirling around the glass, making them in a geometric way exactly like a barber pole. I remember a blue, a green, a raspberry, perhaps a yellow. I don't believe we ever commented on these glasses really. In some sense they didn't count as they weren't something, with some variation, that other women had. They were, though, the prettiest things she had. I never knew what they were called. They were champagne flutes, and she was a young lady when I first remember her in Champagne, Illinois.


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