Tuesday, February 02, 2010

NPR had an interesting interview with a then college kid who wanted to dramatize The Catcher in the Rye and sought JD Salinger's permission. He even went to visit the author and did get invited into the house and into Salinger's space as it were. As part of this, Salinger offered him a ride to the station as Salonger was taking his son to a soccer game. The acolyte demurred thinking that he would have to come back to pick up his car. In the Financial Times obituary a quote from divorce proceedings form Salinger's second or third wife, he married her when she was a student at Vassar, quotes her as saying she needs a divorce 'for her emotional health.' Also, he is quoted in another article that he continued to write 'for his own pleasure.' His father, the son of a Rabbi, had taken him to Poland as part of teaching him the business of selling hams in 1937.

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