Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Cain surge

As I commented at Beldar's blog:

I'd have to agree with Colo above though I appreciate your ability to back up on Rick. Maybe he hasn't made you proud of Texas though; he has me. I think you could take the Obama argument and apply it here as well. Obama beat Clinton; so.. And that was his first real race IMHO. So if Cain comes out of nowhere etc... I do think it is mildly amusing that he's got 11 dates open and a book tour this October. You know when you expect one job to be part time and you've got something complementary. Hey, the guy is industrious. That makes me think he can get beyond the 9-9-9 plan when he has a chance to think how he will climb down though the consumption tax aspect being neglected is part of its interest. Anyway, in many ways he is such a naif Archie Bunker I think if he were as president to land the Air Force in Mongolia the Chinese instead of bombing our bases in Japan, the inclination with any other U.S. president, would say 'That stupid --, get him on the phone and tell him to go to Montana.' So apparent stupidity might be to our advantage.

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