Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pot black

Charles Murray recently published a book on the cultural divide in America, a two Americas divided by out of wedlock births, stability in marriage and employment. This divide, which is also associated with income, seems relatively new in its percentages in the population. Part of what contributes is the decoupling of sexual relations with birth due to the technical advance of the birth control pill. A signal of the appropriateness of decoupling of sexual relations with marriage would be societal mandated 'free birth control pills.' It is for this reason that the University of Notre Dame health insurance, for instance, does not cover birth control pills except for gynecological reasons. Mr. Rush knows nothing of the sexual history of Miss Fluke nor cares to. She looks like a prim young lady who is capable of delayed gratification but I believe that her academic position encouraged what he viewed as, in the language he learned in junior high, slut like behavior which he thought should be drawn exception to.

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