Friday, June 15, 2012

Yoo Hoo, Iranians!

Trumpeting secrets about el jefe being de riguer, I'm like on board! Dowd reveals
Maraniss’s bookdepicts Obama on an intense odyssey of self-discovery, moving toward defining himself less as a half-white man with white girlfriends than as a black man who wanted to be part of a black community. His New York girlfriend, Genevieve Cook, told Maraniss that Obama confessed to her that “he felt like an impostor. Because he was so white. There was hardly a black bone in his body.” When she predicted that his future might be with a black woman — “That lithe, bubbly, strong black lady is waiting somewhere!” she wrote in her journal — he told her “he doubted there were any black women he would feel truly comfortable with. I would tell him, ‘No, she is out there.’ ”
Being black since like 50 years ago is hip; make that 80 years ago if you're like Jewish in Philadelphia. So you have a kid graced with 'black like me' features raised by white people who has gotten to the top by adopting some of the manner.

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