Monday, July 02, 2012

ACA operationally

Fr. James Lehrberger gave a sermon for the Freedom Fortnight. He compared the problem of the mandate in relation to Church institutions to MA excluding the Church from providing adoption services over its not qualifying homosexual marriage. The correct analogy is more one of electronic health records. I presumably will get some $850 for doing prescribing using an approved eprescribing service. My progress notes on Lotus won't be applicable to an electronic health record (EHR) format if, for no other reason, that they aren't an approved, certified, EHR. The Church is free to continue to provide the same health insurance benefits it does to its employees. It's just when those employees go to fill out their tax return they won't be able to check the box saying that they have approved health care and thus would have to pay the appropriate tax for the 'uninsured' at their income level on 1040 taxes.

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