Monday, August 27, 2012


JAG (Just a Girl) had a comment in Volokh I thought rather definitive: there may be no way to measure the difference for a man who was circumcised to know if he has lost any sensation.... and they say they don't.... HOWEVER... speaking as a woman, who has dated men in the USA... and in Europe, where I currently reside.... There is a DIFFERENCE for the woman.... Men who have NOT been circumcised are FAR more sensitive, than men who have been.... This has been my experience.... and have also had many talks with girlfriends, about this issue as well.... and EVERY woman I have spoken to, on this issue, says that men, who are NOT circumcised are more sensitive... therefore making it more enjoyable for the woman.... as they respond more....

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Restoring Tally said...

Actually there are ways to tell if circumcision adversely effects the sexual health of men and their partners. There are numerous studies, often ignored, that show a significant percentage of men circumcised as an adult, mostly for medical reasons, found circumcised sex less satisfactory than before. Another study recently conducted in Europe found that circumcised men reported a greater number of sexual dysfunction problems than did intact men.

As an additional data point, I was circumcised at birth and have restored my foreskin through non-surgical means. I am enjoying sex more now in my 50s than I did in my 20s. I no longer need to use lube because the restored foreskin keeps my wife's natural lubrication inside, where it belongs. Also, the gliding action of the foreskin prevents the common problem of female soreness after sex.