Tuesday, November 06, 2012

There's no success like failure

"Republicans, in particular, seem increasingly desperate for the satisfaction of an electoral outcome that does not, let's face it, seem particularly likely," says Megan McArdle. I suppose I see El Norte, northern Mexico and southern Texas, as an unofficial part of the American nation and Republicans aren't going to win without some accommodation in attitude there. Romney lost having eliminated Perry and appealing to angry Republicans on that issue, one of several issues where anger didn't serve them well with the general electorate. Also Romney may have been a better Bush; but, once Bush had allowed the leverage debacle, those able to control the money are whipping boys and will be perversely, because it is a Democrat song, until 'the good times are back again' with wealth generating economic activity but the sons of Coolidge are going to have not to let leverage go to their heads or again their heads will be handed to them.

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