Friday, March 10, 2006

The Dubai ports deal was lost in the establishment reaction to the threat to the Danish cartoonist and newspaper, the declining to publish the cartoons, the murder of a Catholic priest in Turkey. Let me argue by analogy. Several years ago some prisoners were taken, literally, on a field trip, out of prison, a little fresh air, countryside. Six used the occasion to find a wrinkle in security and sneak out in a van. They came to Dallas, stole guns in a daylight robbery of Oshman's, and seeing a policeman drive up, a seemingly quiet, passive guy, earlier a security guard at my hospital, shot him several times in the head and neck, kaput. The guys are on the loose. Looking out of my building one day, you could see 3 police cars in tandem scooting down the highway. To me the police had lost control, the 'bad guys' were in charge a little bit. You wouldn't be surprised that at that time the County Commissioners didn't discover a plan to save taxpayer's money and rehabilitate prisoners by saying they were going to let selected prisoners hire out for the day to work at private homes. Yet, the establishment said 'the Muslims are in control, you can't expect us to speak freely as we usually do, these are they, keep your head down.' And then, shortly thereafter, 'You know what; we've got a business deal, with Muslims, to run a port process on US soil.'

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