Monday, March 06, 2006

I read that Netanyahu and Sharon had a disagreement, which led to a decision not being taken about a response to Iran's developing nuclear weapon. It seems like here in the U.S. we have devloped a posture of putting our heads in the sand and hoping that if worst comes to worst our butts will only fell a litle toastier than they do now. Maybe I should check the Church calendar and see if there are any novenas for special ops; praying to do something would be a start. Would be curious if Nathalie in Israel has any comments on the aforementoned issue with the Israeli leadership.

The NY Times has a somewhat reassuring article on the Iranian bomb. Maybe the Israelis could, using Saatchi as a go beween, negotiate with Hamas. The basics of the deal would be that Israel could abolish it's name, thus 'ceasing to exist,' and change it's name in Arabic, to 'the Canary in the Coal Mine.' Hamas would accept this as total settlement of all claims, words and pictures being of utmost importance to Allah. I think the canary would be kind of cute on F16s. 'Float like a buttefly; sting like a ..' Ferlinghetti would be so pleased with demonstrations too; 'Death to the canary in the coal mine' could be Gregorian and absurd. Amadinehad saying he is going to 'wipe the canary off the map' has a nice childish touch.


Anonymous said...

Netanyahu hinted on December 5th 2005 that a pre-emptive attack on the part of Israel was feasible. Sharon didn't agree to such an option. He said at the time that international diplomacy was the appropriate course.

I read in an article in Haaretz that
last Thursday Former Israel Defense Forces chief of staff Moshe Ya'alon said that Israel has a military option to counter the Iranian threat. But Former Israel Air Force commander Major General (Res.) Eitan Ben-Eliyahu said that Ya'alon's comments could lead other countries to withdraw responsibility and let Israel defend itself.

"If we emphasize too much, express ourselves too much, it frees the international community [of responsibility]," he told Israel Radio. "Our major achievement, from a military perspective and from a political perspective, is that an international coalition has been created that understands and comprehends that Iran's nuclear development must be stopped."

Therefore this was the motive behind Sharon refusal in December to consider a pre-emptive attack: the Iran nuclear issue should be dealt on an international level and Israel won't gain in presenting it as its security issue only.

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