Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dr. Helen has had a couple of recent posts dealing with the tension that ensues when one has a feeling that is not politically correct. I was particularly amused by the direction that the comments took where Dr. Helen said that she would rather be called a 'nappy headed ho' by whomever than "oppressed" by Hillary Clinton. That seemed to be a feeling that made Dr. Helen unsuitable as a psychological expert witness because her feeling was not objectively correct. This also ties into my recent 'Rank and Reality' post. Senator Clinton, somewhat in the tradition of the man from Galilee, has become the 'liberator of oppressed women' and any contradictory data is made null and void in the light of the rank of Senator Clinton who performs the miracle. This, of course, from people who might sneer at the childishness of religion.

Dr. John Meeks said that in family therapy with an adolescent an avenue of progress could be at going to the point where expressiveness could be framed in the form of "I feel that.." with the idea being that, regardless of an underlying truth of an 'allegation,' a person's 'feelings' could be true to the person experiencing them. In my time at university, the editor of the radical paper said that there was no 'objective reporting.' Chaos has not ensued in leftist quarters however because feelings rather than facts have become objectively correct. That makes Dr. Meeks' point of view, that one was allowed one's feelings, old school.

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