Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rank and Reality

'Muslim life is in part defined by who gets deference as the one who speaks the truth' (anon). I was thinking about this as I was reading The Quest of the Historical Jesus, and the outrage/ justice preserved story in the Duke non-rape case. One of the questions encountered for a modern reading the Bible is the issue of miracles. I think the 'Muslims' represent an old method of finding truth. In that frame of reference, the higher your rank the more you can define reality such that ultimately being able to define/make reality anything you want should be appropriate to G-d. thus finding miracles in a story about a G-d is like hearing 'Hail to the Chief' at a public ceremony involving the president; it is protocol. I suppose this is also related to why doctors are so 'trusted.' Life and death pass through our hands; so you wouldn't want to mess with us. True enough, clinical experience and science, which we represent, should also be respected. This also probably bears on the National Health Insurance debate. To an extent, the affirmative side seems to represent an insistence on outranking the doctor and other supply and demand forces that impact medical care. A rearrangement of deference is all that seems needed to get desired treatment in what is otherwise a status quo ante situation. Better count on being Jesus; Texas equivalent: 'Who in the Sam Hill do you think you are?' (Is there an etymologist in the house to explain the equivalence?)

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