Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Arguing for Bush Derangement Syndrome

A minority of us apparently feel that Mr. Bush is a serious, courageous guy who is doing his best which isn't to say that he shows typical dazzling brilliance. That makes him easy to 'misunderestimate.' He has been able to admit mistakes, viz. his choice of General Petraeus and a new strategy in Iraq. Another view is hard to miss. I have felt that his giving the Medal of Freedom to George Tenet suggests that doing the metaphorical Lewinksi to him is the best policy. Thus Bush has virtually demanded that a criteria be created in your mind to whit, 'Bush not serious,' to which this item be given as an example; thus enrolling himself in those who have 'Bush Derangement Syndrome.' Ron Rosenbaum has comments on Tenet, as usual, when he comments, the best.

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Trish said...

"metaphorical Lewinksi"

This is a quotable quote. I do think GWB isn't stupid. His down-home manner of speaking is bullshit. He's an Eastern educated WASP whose family have been entrenched in the "Establishment" for generations.