Monday, May 28, 2007

A Word and Memorial Day

Going to Houston a while back I was embarrassed for the owners of Gay Pontiac. This last year there was an article in Opinion Journal, WSJ's free site. The article was about a law proposed by George Murtha that the president should certify, before any forces left for combat that they were 'properly trained and equipped.' The article highlighted how laughable, from a distance, was the equipment and training of the Navy's torpedo bombers. Yet it was they who brought the Japanese fighters down to sea level and allowed our other planes to successfully dive bomb the Japanese fleet at Midway sinking three carriers and breaking the Imperial Navy's Carrier offense. It seems like I recall Star Wars as being conceptually derived from that battle (Midway). George Gay was the one survivor of the attacking torpedo plane force. After his active involvement, he watched the battle from the water. So here's to veterans and those who never left the service alive, who even rescued the name 'Gay.'

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