Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Read 'Venegeance' first to avoid my spoiling the story

Just finished Vengeance. I was busy so, though I was terribly taken with it, I had to read it with some 24 to 36 hour intervals. Thus I read of Avner's early life and his Mossad training and the beginning of the mission and lived, for a while, in the heady success of the hunting of 9 terrorists. Then, like in a Heinrich von Kleist novel, disaster occurs. In the book, the protagonists discuss 'were they sold out by Louis who was proving information and other support.' That focus as primary question seems misplaced. By the time they met ill fate, they had killed in attempting to attack Salameh, the terrorist number one on their list twice. Now Salameh may have been a dog but even a dog it seems would begin to be a mite curious about who was trying to kill him. They were told that Salameh would be in London and that they should wait at the Grosvener hotel in the lobby for 8 hours a day for 3 successive days to meet with the informer. Now Louis operated on the basis of information inputs. Salameh had created information before that 'was a canard.' With this 'information,' he was stationing his enemies in a place that they could be found. Once Avner recognized that he was being followed in this situation, he should have realized that he was not the hunter but the rabbit and acted accordingly. Maybe it's just that my middle name is 'rabbit' in German.

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