Thursday, August 30, 2007

Currently Reading The Wolfman and Other Cases. The book takes you back before the jumped the shark Freudian analogies we are wont to make. "At his first encounter with the 'Ratman, Freud asked him what caused him 'to put particular emphasis on information about his sexual life'. The man replied 'that that was what he knows about my theories'. However it turns out that what then particularly drew him to Freud was Freud's work on puns and word association" (Introduction p. xvii). Had a case presentation the other day in which it was said the patient's central complaint was one of concentration which he said was due to a 'suppository Father put up my nose.' This in a person with limited education and intellectual attainment; for me that meant that 'suppository' was on the edge of his word set and the analogy could be, "I suppose it were father and what is coming into my knows."

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