Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New York

It's really quite a city. 'Took the A train' listened to a black couple practicing a a song and talking about a hip-hop artist. Got sore walking around. An Asian girl was standing outside of Tiffany's a little to herself near a right angle of the building, the picture of elegance, white suit, black striping, white shoes. I thought someone was taking her picture, but she was just standing there.

The smell of urine is pretty memorable around the Sherman statue at the edge of Central park; ditto you don't want to need to get in a subway lift. Freud 'didn't like America because New York didn't have public restrooms,' probably a polite way of complaining about the smell. Was at a kids park near Rector and the Hudson River, condominiums there 1/2 million dollars minimum. A mom led her 7 year old girl just to squat down and pee 7 feet from the unchlorinated fountain play area which drained also into the black astroturf.

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