Saturday, April 12, 2008

Re: Obama leaving his heart in San Francisco

The general appeal of Obama is perhaps to masochism. Morally 'we' need this for all that we, and 'they' who 'deserve it less,' have. Who better to punish us than a black man, a symbol of our, psychologically useful to justify our masochism, created victims. And Obama, so smooth and gentle in appearance, has been the perfect director of our punishment, punitive tax proposals, disgraceful turning from our allies in Iraq and toward failure. The secret need of the masochist is to control the sadist. His insulting comments and contradictory statements diminish our 'clinging to him' thankfully before the bondage of election.

As a commenter on the Volokh conspiracy said in a blogpost about Obama's San Francisco remarks, "He's the most collectivist, high tax, government control candidate that's ever run for president. Anything that can be done to stop him must and will be done. All's fair in politics and war. By the way, Hillary "we will take things away from you for your own good" isn't far behind." Religion typically offers a better way to deal with the person's psychological contradictions than the masochistic proposals for individuals and the country Obama offers. An April 12 roundup of reactions to Obama's remarks.

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