Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Senator O is a 'bargainer' in Shelby Steele lingo. So, for those of us 'typical whites' that are afraid of black anger (and America's original sin), that's nice. This is like an experince of the Messiah. Was it March he said, 'I don't think my Church is all that controversial (he's like one of us);' in early April, 'I can more disown Rev. Wright that I can disown the black community [heh, I'm the real deal (black, you know)].' Monday, a mild disagreement with the idea of Rev. Wright's remarks or maybe the distraction. Tuesday, after seeing 'his gestures' (like you know he expected him to stand without moving his arms like Senator Biden), "I denounce those remarks; they no more reflect me.." What a weatherman.

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