Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ann Althouse has a post on the movie The Curious Life of Benjamin Button. Benjamin is a somewhat popular name now. I think it is so because falls in the category:

I Traditional (Normal)...B. Sectarian...iii antisectarian

It has these characteristics because Benjamin is Jewish as child of Abraham though not so Jewish as to be of Israel (Jacob). Paul mentions in Romans that he is of the tribe of Benjamin so the name becomes Christian but also antisectarian because it is of both sects. Related to the 'Benjamin' associations, the name also tends to want to hold it's 'shape' as the full name to more clearly keep the associations. In our family's case, it is also anitsectarian because it is not a family name. My household prefers the name 'Benners' for a grandson though his brother's mispronunciation 'Jinamen' is fun.

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