Friday, December 12, 2008

Chu for Energy Secretary

Megan McArdle brings up a "bad joke that somebody meeds to make: I think our Energy secretary's a great guy and all, but he's no rocket scientist. Oh, wait . . . "

Chu is an exciting choice. One of the reasons I was for McCain was his pronuclear position without which IMHO presidential candidate speeches in 2020 will include 'and when I am elected we will achieve energy independence...' These things have become bridges to nowhere. Chu can calculate the energy returns. In regard to the 'no rocket scientist' jibe which is usually offered as an engaging self (or other) deprecatory remark, I think this comes from the time of our engaging Werner von Braun and a few other of his not so Jewish buddies to build our military rockets. It is really faint praise for the German 1940's autism which included skill in the rocket science area which pragmatism led us to take advantage of.

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