Friday, May 06, 2011

In the Interpretation of Dreams , Freud pointed out a mechanism of condensation which meant that an element in a dream could 'condense' disparate ideas or personalities. I guess that our arguing about celebrating Osama's death, a death that has been long imagined, is about a condensation of various issues. I ran across this report that asserts that in the month after 9-11 the Taliban offered to hand over Osama to a court of middle eastern countries; GWB rejected this. Thus Osama was allowed by military default to go into ISI protection. Is that something, the Middle Eastern Court trial, in retrospect we would want to have happened? There have been allegations that Iraqi intelligence was involved in 9-11 and the Bush administration was concerned in any event that this showed Iraq a way to attack the US. Was preemption appropriate and did forcing democracy in Iraq contribute to the Arab Spring? I suppose that opposing celebrating Osama's death reflects opinions on that/those hypotheses.

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