Sunday, May 29, 2011

There Be Dragons

Here are Dragons.

The movie starts with a recreation of a medieval map including sea animals and 'Hic sunt Dragones' which I translate above. I appreciate two criticisms here as an opportunity to dialogue. 'It is two hours of preachy, turn the other cheek.' To quote from the movie Josemaria, 'Cervantes said," Our biggest dragons are within us," ' As far as not taking action, my daughter said, 'I thought the fascists were supposed to be bad? That is why I was confused.' Few would prefer the communists after watching this movie. The communists obviously threw out the Cervantian insight along with the other myths of Spanish Catholicism. There is a Jew who plays an insightful and creative role in Josemaria's development though lord knows how he found himself in that Catholic Spain. It has an essential historical accuracy in the words of the communist brigade leader, 'Our leaders argue in Madrid and send us nothing.' Stalin saw that factionalism as the cause of failure and instituted his late 30's purges on that basis. Geraldine Chaplin, daughter of Charlie?, does a great cameo role discussing dragons with the children. The physiognomy of Robert Torres well matches his father. I wonder which side is rushing past Manolo as he surrenders. My favorite abutted scenes are those of the girl who has ?PTSD who tells Josemaria she sees him climbing a mountain and his struggle next over leaving Madrid. The deus ex machina, one a bit too important, plays a role in his leaving.

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