Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bolivia, People and Language

In my limited travels, I have come to love Bolivians and Italians. Visiting Santa Cruz, about which is this blogpost, has been one of my faraway wishes. My comments in the link and the response about Bolivian Spanish reflect this:

When I was in the altiplano, they talked of the ‘Chacoa gezza’ phonetically. Any comments on the variant to the word ‘guerra.’ One veteran we examined probably with an atrial fib, on learning that we could do nothing for him, conversed with some associates seemed to offer that his problem was ‘nerves’ and walked off with a real bearing given honor and respect a part of which was his having been part of the ‘gezza.’

Comment by Frank IBC — 6/30/2006
Bolivians tend to pronounce the letter “r”, specifically the “erre”, like the English letter “z”, or possibly a voiced version of the Castillian “zeta”.

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