Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hamlet and the Middle East

To die at home (soothed by words of the thin Othello Kofi Anaan) or to die in battle with the cur like words of Nasrallah spoken over you; that is the question the Israelis face. This sea of troubles may be easier for the Israelis with a tradition feeling being, life, and development. For me, the fact that a man Zidane has arisen from the life of the enemy gives hope.

Saudi Arabia, doing sweet violence to our expectations, the prince's peace plan had intent, is condemning Hezbollah. Djerejian is concerned that Israel has overreached, should have just looked to southern Lebanon lately. He answers himself later by saying that the Iranians have increased the tactical skill of the Muslim offense. The Iranian safe haven in Syria may be a strategic objective in the present conflict. I suppose that I stand with Shakespeare in recommending "to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them." Have the Israelis asked the Saudis if they might help in the struggle against Hezbollah?


Nathalie Klein said...

Hi Michael,

Zidane is not an Arab but a Berber. Berbers have been massacred and persecuted by Arabs for centuries.


Anonymous said...

Thanks. I recommend your link. I really liked the part about the Afro-asiatic language, general discussion of language and that Berber is probably derived from the Latin word for 'barbarian.' I suppose I might better have said, 'Carthage would have been proud of its son Zidane.'