Sunday, July 02, 2006

Little Miss Attila calls him 'Hitch.' He came up with an article the key etmology of which might be the Americanization of The English prounciation of the word 'below.' I' still hold his discrediting of the American soldier in VN against him. With this article and a box of Chardonnay from Target*, well you just need company for the party.

*from WSJ 6-28 on house wines at grocery outlets: 'Chardonnay from 7-Eleven, called Thousand Oaks, was actually pretty good -- light and almost as refreshing as a Slurpee -- though overpriced at $7.49 and ultimately not among our favorites. A boxed Australian Chardonnay from Target was quite good and a real bargain at $15.99. Overall, Sauvignon Blanc was the best bet on a varietal, while Chardonnay was the worst. Cabernet was more reliable than Merlot.

Albertsons did well in the tasting on the strength of two brands called Q and Origin. Other Albertsons house brands, Flourish and Voyage (in a box), didn't taste good. Safeway's house brands, Firefly Ridge and Diablo Creek, were just OK or worse. A Harris Teeter offering called Fish Eye was consistently disappointing, although one of its low-priced Oak Creek wines, the Cabernet, was pleasant drinking for $3.99. We didn't like the Charles Shaw Merlot, Cabernet or Chardonnay. In the past, we've said that the best of the "Two-Buck Chuck" wines is the Sauvignon Blanc, but we didn't see it this time. Kroger's Arrow Creek brand was impressive: Both the Chardonnay and Merlot were among our favorites and the Cabernet was OK. They cost $9.99.'

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