Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Talk and listen to the Iranians

Did business with an ex-pat of Lebanon; have some idea now what is meant by Arab courtesy. He used to work for Harari, the Lebanese president in waiting it seemed who was assassinated with the evidence pointing to the leadership of Syria. Rafik Harari, a Sunni, got his adult start in life supervising construction contracts for King Fahd of Saudi Arabia. When James Baker says talk to the Iranians perhaps the point should be to find out if, like Cain, they hear G-d's voice asking them, 'What happened to your brother Abel (in this case Harari)?' Or are their consciences disposed to accept murder and, by implication importantly, proceed with murder. One could suppose that Syria is their client but they did not authorize this extraterritorial action. Failing this, one has to assume that their Holocaust denial conference is part of an exercise to reduce guilt over the wish for a coming Holocaust to the point that the anticipated pleasure in it would overwhelm restraint. Preemptive action against their devloping nuclear weapons then would seem necessary.

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