Thursday, December 07, 2006

"There's no succes like failure.."

Poets are philosophers of course. Virgil, starting his epic with "Arma virumque cano," acknowledged that the sung poem was a classical cliche 2000 years ago (translation of Virgil: 'I sing of arms and the man'). Perhaps thus I recall 'Bob Dylan.' I was getting more room in my garage and set out, for a while, some things at the side of the house a few months ago. I was tasked to find the 'wreath wrapped in Saran Wrap that goes above the fireplace.' Well apparently that had been picked out of those objects and taken. The 'success' in this for the 'Christmas season' is that it shows that, though Christianity may be a religion, it is also something of a personality cult. Scrooge and other skeptics the angels do sing to you too.

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Trish said...


Someone took your wreath? That is horrible.