Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The Triumph of Hitler?

"Rage, rage for the dying of the light," said the drunk poet Dylan Thomas. Sorry, it was "against the dying of the light." And we love Dylan in his saying it. But for Hitler, as I read Rosenbaum's book, it was 'rage for the dying.' The purpose of the blackmail and counterfeit was to obscure a du, a thou outside the self which could and had caused pain which he revenged by murdering, and, yes, this included destroying a Weltanschauung, Judaism, that demanded that man see in himself another; 'and God (?in Cain) said to him, 'Where is your brother Abel?'" "Hier ist Kein warum (Here there is no asking why)," the SS guard told an inmate when an icicle he grabbed to slake his thirst was taken from him; the potential du could make no objection. Hitler didn't spare Dr. Bloch, his mother's Jewish doctor during her death, perhaps out of a transference split, projecting the blame for his mother's death onto the Jews, but more out of a counterfeit that 'ultimately he resolved to care for his mother.' But did Hitler win? Not in his life anyway. He killed himself when the persecuted other, he correctly knew, was coming to get him. Also an odd proof. He married Eva Braun. He acknowledged her as another. I know you're not impressed with the honeymoon.

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