Monday, December 04, 2006

The Virgin Mary and her extrapolation to Beauty

As some of you Muslims may not know, Friday is the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and there will be Masses similar to a Sunday. Avid reader will recall that I had spoken about the Church's noting that 'Mary is ever Virgin.' Your unauthorized theolgist will now, unlike Houdini, show you the magic behind this, and how this means the hottest appearing girls/women will be found at Catholic institutions, e.g. hospitals, Church. Start with, or in a sense, end with de Sade as a reductio ad absurdum. He wanted to destroy the narcissism of the woman other and have her totally. This, in some sense, would put the woman in the past tense. Grammarians et al. may wonder if you can 'have a Catholic girl' but, as she identifies with Mary, she definitely can not be, indelicately, 'had.' Thus she is gloriously independent and may present herself in her glory, will often be slim as an adolescent, the Jews whisper that the Church mistranslated the word for this as 'virgin,' and dress or appear fashionably. The bella donna reflects this.

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